Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Yes We Can

I was actually a little undecided who to vote for today. Very superficial things nagged at me: Hillary you either love or you hate, which doesn't bode well for a would-be president. She does have more experience, but what is that experience worth? Obama on the other hand, is more popular with my generation, but will he be able to back up his big words in office? Here is a confession. Before today, I had not heard Obama speak, I'd only seen pictures and read articles in Newsweek. I admit his boyish demeanor made me pause. But then I saw a music video created by a group of diverse artists, and it completely changed my outlook on this election.

One - the music and the video are beautifully done. Two - Obama's message really comes through. But Three - Obama clearly provides the inspiration and hope that has been missing from our country for almost a decade. A slight edge in experience on paper pales in comparison to the ability to galvanize a struggling nation to optimism and action. I want a leader who makes us believe that Yes, We Can.

And I wish I hadn't waited this long to listen to Obama speak, because that is a voice you can believe in.

Vote Obama!

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